Hab SC-GA2 Comic1

Hab being inserted into an injector

Hab is a popular and widespread recreational terran drug.[1] It is brown in color.[2]

A hab addict is often called a "habhead".[1]


Hab is applied by small pads and appears to cause similar affects as marijuana. Withdrawal symptoms are severe and result in tightening muscles and nervous twitching.[1] The victim also suffers from a lack of focus and sleeping problems.[2]

Detoxification occurs within twenty-four hours and may be lethal. Caffeine, such as found in coffee, may make the process more bearable.[1]

When combined with turk, it causes hallucinations and severe health problems.[2]


Korhal was a source of large quantities of hab prior to its destruction. It is (or was) grown on Halcyon,[1] and was readily available (legally) on Nidhogg.[2] The Terran Dominion heavily regulates it, but it can still be purchased from suppliers based on Canis.[2]


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