"After raising my sons, you cannot find a war that is too tough for me to handle."

- Commander Hale introduces himself at New Trinidad(src)

Commander Hale is a terran mercenary commander and battlecruiser captain. He leads Hale's Commandos, known for its Elite Science Vessels. He seems to have a poor relationship with his sons.[1]


Hale was one of the mercenary leaders in the mission at New Trinidad, where he offered his services to Arcturus Mengsk, who needed troops attack the New Trinidad Pirates. He would even personally take part in the battle (from his battlecruiser).[1] Hale's forces were present at the massive civil war at Sutur V.[2]


Hale's portrait differed in each appearance. In Mercenaries, he shared Jim Raynor's portrait[1] but in Revolution he shared Arcturus Mengsk's portrait instead.[2]

The concept of Commander Hale seems to have been borrowed from TSR's Alternity game system Star*Drive setting,[3] another space opera setting. TSR, the same company that created Alternity, created a crossover product entitled Alternity: StarCraft Edition.[4]

Commander Hale is based on former Orion League (a human Stellar Nation) President Warthen Hale (renowned for helping end a galactic war); he makes a comment about how raising his sons was harder than any war.[1] Warthen Hale's two sons are Senator Bruce Hale (now running for President of the Orion League) and Christopher Hale, who abandoned his father during the war with a very large number of troops and massive amounts of equipment to found the Bluefall Regency in a region of space quite far from the Orion League, which is probably responsible for Commander Hale's somewhat bitter comments. The Bluefall Regency proclaimed itself independent of the Orion League, but maintains somewhat friendly relations.[3]

Hale may also be named after multiplayer level designer David Hale.[5]


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