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The following section contains information from StarCraft: Insurrection.

"The Hammer is needed to protect the people. It's the Council that's the cancer. If we eliminate the Council, maybe we can convince the Hammer to perform the duty it was gathered for in the first place."
Hammer Strike Force

Elite military force



De Facto Leader

TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy (formerly)
Fist of Redemption


Brontes IV

Formed From

Brontes IV Colonial Militia and troops from other outlying colonies

Date Established


Date Dissolved




  The Hammer Strike Force, formed by the Council of Inquiry, was involved in conflict with the rebel movement the Fist of Redemption (led by Atticus Carpenter) and later the zerg on Brontes IV.

Leadership of the Hammer Strike Force was first offered to Jack Frost, who refused as their first orders were to slaughter an group of mining colonies under the suspicion of consorting with the rebels. Jack refused, and leadership was passed to Tsuname.[1] The group slaughtered the colonies, and were ordered to destroy the city of New Dresdin under the suspicion of infestation. However, the New Dresdin Outlaws there, under Jack Frost, stopped their attack and pushed Hammer from the city.[2]

Jack Frost retaliated by claiming a group of nuclear silos and destroying the Council of Inquiry.[3] With this, Tsuname used Hammer to declare martial law over the planet, and declared himself governor. However, he was working with Atticus Carpenter, and was given the location of Jack Frost and his rebels. Charlie Vane was sent to destroy them, but instead joined the New Dresdin Outlaws and helped them purge the infestation in New Dresdin.[4]

When the New Dresdin Outlaws launched a final assault on the Fist of Redemption, the Hammer Strike Force under Tsuname came to their defense, revealing their true allegiance to Carpenter. Tsuname was killed, and the Hammer Strike Force was crushed in the ensuing battle.[5]

Known MembersEdit


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