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A Handheld Personal Information-Gathering and Navigation Unit, HPIGNU or Pig for short, is a terran-designed scanning device.[1][2] It is a small rectangular device with a screen and keypad,[1] and has been in use since at least the Guild Wars.[2]


  • Atmospheric Sampling: Can discern whether surrounding air is breathable, and check it for dangerous compounds and airborne microorganisms.[3]
  • Identification: Can discern a person's identity, used by the Confederacy during the Guild Wars for this purpose.[2] It cannot, however, detect cloaked Tal'darim.[1]
  • Organism Detection: Can detect organisms such as leeches and zerg.[1]
  • Sanitation: Can tell if water is safe.[1]
  • Terrain Detection: Able to detect the terrain at a long distance and show the best routes to a destination.[1]


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