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Harley Ross was a Confederate Marine Corps recruiting sergeant during the Guild Wars.

He had an unkempt appearance, but by targeting working-class neighborhoods of Tarsonis City he was able to recruit more people than anyone else, prompting his commanding officer, Fredricks, to leave him alone.

He often played cards with his cronies, Dicer and Vic.

He had a working relationship with Camy, a crab-addicted grifter, who often "provided" him with fresh recruits. In 2488 she snared Old Families heir Ark Bennet, a dangerous proposition once she discovered who he really was. She stole his wallet and delivered him to Scott, responding vaguely to inquiries about his identity and acting anxiously about police officers.

Ross "bought" Bennet for two packets of crab, but when he admonished Camy for her habit, she responded rudely.

Ross eventually handed him to the Confederate Marine Corps, which came to believe he was a young man named Ryk Kydd.


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