Harvey was a member of Nova Squadron and the tactical officer of the battlecruiser Palatine.[1]

In 2503,[2][3][4] the Palatine was dispatched to the world of Altara in order to investigate the disappearance of a Dominion ghost and the wrangler sent to locate her. Upon exiting warp space, a massive zerg force was detected heading towards the planet. Colonel Jackson Hauler was furious at the late detection, but Captain Rourke came to Harvey's defense, pointing out that it was impossible for them to have detected the zerg any earlier.

Harvey was apprehensive at the prospect of facing the zerg, and let his imagination run wild as to what it would be like to face them. Still, the Nova Squadron forces were able to do the dirty work, and the zerg were defeated. During the debriefing however, Harvey had another reason to be apprehensive—he'd received a communication from Arcturus Mengsk that was to be privately received by wrangler Malcolm Kelerchian and ghost agent Nova Terra. This greatly aggravated Hauler, but he agreed to the emperor's wishes.[1]


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