Hazmi was a marine of Torch Seven.

Hazmi took part in the unit's ill-fated mission to Vygoire, assigned to investigate a Dominion lab complex that had stopped responding to hails. Terrestrial and orbital observation showed that while the complex had suffered damage, it appeared to be from natural causes, such as a landslide. As per urban-recon protocols, the facility was investigated, the unit discovering human remains, but no living scientists. Sergeant Norwood Doakes assigned Hazmi to patch into the base's comms tower so he could broadcast a signal for any terran survivors. Hazmi did so, but no-one replied.

The group explored the jungle further, trying to find the scientists. They the footprints of a large, quadrupedal being. One of the marines suddenly began panicking, shouting about a Great One. Suddenly, an ultralisk came out of the jungle and began thrashing through Torch Seven. The squad fought the ultralisk, but took 33% losses, retreating into a ravine the ultralisk could not follow them through. They were then ambushed by the scientists they were looking for, though they threw spears that could not pierce their CMC Powered Combat Suits. Among them was Vera Langridge, who was immune to the spores but stated that the squad was not, and that they were all now infected.

The team found the lead scientist, Gerhardt van Rijn, back at his village, who stated that the Great One's hunger was more wanton since they had arrived, and that they must leave. The ultralisk then arrived to the village, and the scientists began running up to it to be consumed. Torch Seven retreated to the lab complex, and devised a plan to kill the ultralisk.

Torch Seven then set up a vespene gas bomb from the, which it would lure the Great One into and collapse a ravine on top of it. On the crossing of the planet's two moons, the cultists held a ceremony for the Great One that summoned him, and Doakes used this opportunity to lure him to the bomb. This worked, but did not kill the Great One. In the ensuing battle, the Great One was killed by the combined fire of Torch Seven and a lucky shot by Doakes, but only Vera, Doakes and nine members of Torch Seven survived. It is unknown if Hazmi was among those nine, though they too were killed by Vera upon return to the Scion.[1]


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