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"The old Heaven's Devils...we sure raised hell alright."

- Jim Raynor after seeing a picture of his old squad.(src)

The First Squad was the most famous squad within the Special Tactics and Mission Platoon (aka Heaven's Devils), and was itself nicknamed "Heaven's Devils" by the press.[1]

The squad participated in battles alongside its host platoon, such as the liberation of KIC-36 and Polk's Pride. However, the members had participated in ilicit activities during their time on Turaxis II and via betrayal from within, this came to the attention of Colonel Javier Vanderspool. He made a plan to eliminate them and while it failed, only Jim Raynor, Tychus Findlay and Ryk Kydd were still alive. They promptly deserted the Confederate Armed Forces.[1] Raynor and Findlay became outlaws in the aftermath of the debacle and continued to use the term to describe themselves.[2]

The squad's reputation as heroes endured long after the end of the Guild Wars.[3] Raynor and Findlay maintained fond memories of their time as members of the old unit and the ex-convict even expressed joy that they're going Heaven's Devils-style when Raynor decided to take out the nydus worm network.[4]

Known MembersEdit

"We weren't angels, we were the Heaven's Devils. The best of the worst."

- Jim Raynor(src)

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The concept of the Heaven's Devils appears to go back to development of StarCraft, as concept art for Tychus Findlay during this period sported the namesake.[5] However, the concept did not come to fruition until StarCraft II and relevant EU material.[1]


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