Hector Santiago is a "hardened military man" and fleet admiral in the Dominion Armada.[1]


In 2503,[2] Santiago was assigned to investigate the Behemoth-class battlecruiser Gray Tiger, which had not moved from its position for several hours and was not responding to any attempts at communication. As it turned out, neurally resocialized marine Marcus Wright had somehow overcome his conditioning, destroying the ship's life support systems and communications, ensuring the deaths of all those on board.

Two individuals had managed to escape before this occurred however-Jake Ramsey and Rosemary Dahl. Individuals that were of great interest to Valerian Mengsk, albeit one that was personal rather than one necessarily shared by the Dominion as a whole. As such, Valerian proceeded to track down the fugitives his own way, ordering Santiago to destroy the Gray Tiger.[1]

Dead Man's RockEdit

Santiago accompanied Valerian Mengsk's small fleet to Dead Man's Rock, where Jake Ramsey had been located. However, the fleet was stopped by Ramsey's new psionic abilities, enabling him to escape.

Santiago was left emotionally disturbed by Ramsey's technique, making it difficult for him to give Valerian a coherent report. He believed what Ramsey had done was an attack.[3]


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