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HellfireShotgun SC2-NCO Art1

A Hellfire shotgun

The Hellfire shotgun is a close-ranged terran weapon. Designed for maximum infantry disruption, the Hellfire detonates miniature explosives internally and then channels the blast through its reinforced muzzle to create a devastating arc of fire.[1]

Game EffectEdit

The Hellfire shotgun is a choice for Nova's weapon slot in Nova Covert Ops after completing "The Escape."[1]

HellfireShotgun SC2-NCO Icon1
Hellfire Shotgun

Close range shotgun. Deals damage in a frontal arc. Allows use of Penetrating Blast to deal 50 (100 vs light) damage to enemies in the arc. Can attack ground units.

Innate Ability: Penetrating Blast:

Deals 50 (100 vs Light) damage to enemy ground units in a wide arc.

Does not damage friendly units.

Hotkey Q
Cost 50 Energy Terran SC1
Cooldown 1Time SC2 Game1
Hellfire shotgun
  • Anti-ground
20 (+20 vs light)RipwaveMissiles SC2 Icon1


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