Hendrix was a marine and recon specialist in Zeta Squad. He was known for telling jokes. His sergeant, Walden Briggs, didn't appreciate them, and neither did the squad's "enforcer", Corporal Brody.[2]


In 2503,[1] Hendrix and four other members of Zeta Squad took part in an operation on Roxara's moon, investigating the resource-rich Binion's Point for evidence of Kel-Morian Combine sabotage. During the mission, Hendrix complained about the poor quality of their gear and believed their mission was strange.

The team split into three. As the recon specialist, Hendrix was sent to scout by himself. He ended up being replaced by a changeling, which copied his form. Under the guise of Hendrix, the changeling was later able to successfully infiltrate Zeta Squad's command center, where it was able to fatally wound Brody and Wynne before being killed by Sergeant Walden Briggs.[2]


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