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HighTemplar SC-FL3 Art1

A high templar

High templar are protoss warriors that use powerful psionic powers to support other protoss forces.


High Templar SC1 Art1

The power of psionics

High templar are veteran Templar who forgo the rage and traditional forms of combat common to zealots in order to better develop their psionic powers into potent tools and weapons through the Khala.[1] Although they are equipped with light armor suits[2] and sometimes through them, psionic blades,[3][2] this is not their standard form of attack.

High Templar use the archives to directly commune with their ancient ancestors and thereby gain knowledge inaccessible to ordinary warriors. They may also wear amulets carved from khaydarin crystals to improve their connection with the Khala and thus channel their psionic abilities with greater efficiency.[1] High templar also calibrate and infuse the crystal matrices that are attached to power suits.[4]

Those treading the path of the Khala are taught to close their minds to the outside world. For powerful psychics like the protoss this may produce psychic ripples that are harmful to other life forms. High templar are trained to focus these ripples into terrible storms of psychic energy that destroy the minds of other living creatures.[1]

SC Ghost High Templar

A high templar

A more subtle power is the ability for high templar to create illusory duplicates of other objects. While these phantoms have no substance and cannot affect the material world, they are useful to confuse and divert the attention of the protoss' enemies in battle.[1]

At one time, high templar merged with another high templar to form an archon, thus sacrificing themselves to complete the Warrior Path and attain legendary status within the archives.[1] After the Brood War, high templar could achieve this by sacrificing themselves, merging with another high templar, or with a Dark Templar.[5]

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The following article or section contains lore from the StarCraft RPG, which is not regarded as canon. Elements may be regarded as 'flavor lore' however.

Another change brought on by the Brood War was the role of high templar politically. Previously, political decisions had been left to the Judicator Caste.[1] With the destruction of the Conclave however and the disbanding of the Judicator,[6] high templar have been able to take on the role of teachers and leaders of their people.[2]

Game UnitEdit


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StarCraft: GhostEdit

Vindicator SC-G Game2

A vindicator with a high templar in the background

The high templar was set to appear in StarCraft: Ghost. It had the ability to summon reinforcements.[7]

StarCraft IIEdit

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Other High TemplarEdit

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A high templar


HighTemplar SC1 Cncpt1

A high templar wearing a khaydarin amulet

The term high templar has occasionally been used to refer to high-ranking members of the Templar Caste who are actually zealots or dragoons. For instance, Ladranix[8] and Fenix have been described as "high templar".[9][8] Additionally, Aldaris and Blackman have been portrayed as high templars in-game, when in actual fact they are/were of the Judicator Caste.[10][11]


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