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"In ancient times, the first highlord was asked, "where shall be our homeworld?" He pointed downward, saying "wherever I tread." Even now this edict is unchanged."

- Highlord Alarak(src)

Alarak BlizzCon Art2

Highlord Alarak

The rank of Highlord is the highest rank possible in Tal'darim society. Whoever serves as highlord rules the Tal'darim.


By the laws of the Chain of Ascension, the Tal'darim intend for the strongest of them to lead them by climbing the Chain through Rak'Shir. Accordingly, the highlord is traditionally considered the strongest of the Tal'darim. By the laws of the Chain, only the First Ascendant, the Tal'darim ranked directly below the highlord, may declare Rak'Shir upon them.[1]


Early HistoryEdit

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm that is ambiguously canonical.

The Tal'darim possessed a highlord prior to their arrival on Slayn.[2]

Recent HistoryEdit

By 2506, the current highlord was Ma'lash. First Ascendant Nuroka declared Rak'Shir upon Ma'lash, but was ultimately defeated through the manipulations of Alarak, who aided Ma'lash. Alarak subsequently took Nuroka's place as first ascendant.[3]

During the End War, Alarak perceived that Amon was lying about his purpose for the Tal'darim. He met with the Daelaam hierarch, Artanis, and made a deal: if Artanis aided Alarak in overthrowing Ma'lash, Alarak would be named highlord and take the Tal'darim out of the war. Artanis agreed, and with the help of the Daelaam, Alarak killed Ma'lash. Alarak was named the new highlord of the Tal'darim, and allied with the Daelaam.

Alarak remained highlord through the final stages of the End War, and departed Aiur with the Tal'darim to continue their civilization separate from the Daelaam.[4]

Known HighlordsEdit


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