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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

Hive Keeper is an Arcade-spotlighted custom map for StarCraft II. It was created by Andrea "Bibendus" Mauro.


In Hive Keeper, a player defends their hive from invading forces by raising an army of minions. Many of their behaviors will happen automatically. These creatures will create a nest, feed themselves, sleep when they are exhausted, and perform other similar functions. The player's role is to provide the resources they need to thrive. This is done primarily by constructing the different types of rooms for one's minions.

There are various types of minions—drones dig out rooms, harvest minerals, spread creep, and rescue warriors when they fall in battle. Queens spending their time in the psionic nest researching new spells. Aberrations toil in the furnace and construct traps to use in the hive's defense.[1] Pygalisks excel in combat.[2]

The game features a tutorial mode.[1] The game includes singleplayer modes, co-op, and 2 vs. 2.[2]


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