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Holo Board
HoloBoard SC2 DevGame1



TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion


Wings of Liberty


Multimedia structure

Hit points




Armor type


The holo board is a terran multimedia structure.


MengskHologram SC2 Head

Mengsk hologram

The Terran Dominion erected propaganda boards on fringe world colonies like Mar Sara prior to the Second Great War. The broadcasts, including speeches from Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, were intended to reinforce colonial morale. The scheme was generally unsuccessful[1] and the project was later abandoned.[2]

Additional holo boards could be see on the outskirts of the Korhal capital city of Augustgrad.[3]

Game UnitEdit

In StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, destroying holo boards is an optional objective in the Liberation Day mission.[1]


  • Keep a close watch on your neighbors. Dissent will only slow our progress.
  • Korhal is the heart of the Dominion, but the common man is the heart of the future!
  • Work hard. Stand proud. We must all sacrifice for the glory of the Dominion!
  • No sacrifice is too great for safe guarding our communities...
  • Your freedoms must be protected!
  • Friends, with our official labor programs, everyone can help to build a better tomorrow!
  • Labor redistribution mandates may require you to serve your term in areas all across the Dominion!


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