Hudderstown Colony is a settlement on Agria. The people were farmers who just wanted to "grow things in tanks". They had connections with terrorists such as Turfa Dei, who was raised there.

By 2502 the colony had fifty people. It welcomed charismatic anti-Dominion rebel Castor Mezzo, who was on the run from reprisals. A female ghost was sent to kill him, and she began massacring the colonists. Thirty-six died, including the person who sent a distress call. The survivors, along with Mezzo, made it to one of Dei's hideouts.

Turfa Dei, now part of a band of outlaws called the War Pigs, responded. Dei reached the hideout, only to be ambushed by the ghost. His companions rescued him, however, killing the ghost. Dei then executed Mezzo for knowingly putting the colonists in danger.

Three days later, a Dominion official visited with a team of marines. Referring to the colonists as "irrelevant", he was impressed by the War Pigs.[1]


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