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"Cerebrate, take these, the deadliest of my minions. They shall aid you in your search."

- Daggoth sends Hunter Killers to aid Sarah Kerrigan(src)

HunterKiller SC1 HeadAnim1

A Hunter Killer

Hunter Killers are a special hydralisk strain. They are among the most elite and infamous of all zerg specialist strains.[1]


Originally created and used exclusively by Daggoth of the Tiamat Brood, Hunter Killers protected Sarah Kerrigan's chrysalis in orbit above Tarsonis.[2]

Hunter Killers participated in the invasion of Brontes IV, assaulting a hidden base held by the New Dresdin Outlaws.[3]

Daggoth later sent a pair of Hunter Killers to escort Kerrigan when she infiltrated the Amerigo.[4]

The Brood WarEdit

During the Brood War, The dark archon Ulrezaj intended to use Hunter Killers in his attack on Shakuras. Using a technique to combine Dark Templar and zerg energy to create false, warped khaydarin crystals, he would control and summon hydralisks and zerglings from his base on Char and, using genetic stations on a space platform over Shakuras transform them into enhanced zerg with the false crystals. The technique rendered the Hunter Killers immune to the effects of the xel'naga temple.[5]

The plot was foiled by heroes dispatched by Zeratul's forces.[6][7]

Although Daggoth was a rival to Kerrigan during the conflict, Hunter Killers fell under her control on at least a few occasions. They were used to retake control of hives under attack by renegade zerg[8] and through a psi emitter, Kerrigan gained control of a few on Braxis.[9]

Second Great WarEdit

Four years later, Hunter Killers escorted Kerrigan during the attack on the Moebius Foundation's main research campus on Tyrador VIII[10], and the Terran Dominion invasion of Char.[11]

Game UnitEdit


Hunter Killer
HunterKiller SC1 HeadAnim1



Zerg SC1 LogoZerg Swarm

Tiamat Brood

Renegade Zerg
Ulrezaj's Slave Brood
Crazy Bob's Bazaar and its customers.

Base unit




Sight range



150[12] Minerals Terran SC1


75[12] Gas Zerg SC1

Hit points

160 (200 hp in StarCraft Fortress)[13]


2 (1 Crazy Bob's Bazaar version)[12]

Ground attack

20LongboltMissiles SC2 DevGame1 (25LongboltMissiles SC2 DevGame1 in StarCraft Fortress)[13]

Air attack

20LongboltMissiles SC2 DevGame1 (25LongboltMissiles SC2 DevGame1 in StarCraft Fortress)[13]



Attack range


Hunter Killers are essentially double-powered hydralisks, doing double damage and enjoying double the hit points, as well as having all hydralisk upgrades by default. They are usually tinted red in campaign missions. Unlike the Devouring One and other specialized units, the Hunter Killer received a custom portrait. They cannot be produced.

Hunter Killers also appear in a few scenario maps, specifically in StarCraft Fortress,[13] as reinforcements in Bunker Command II[14] and appear in Twilight Struggle. The yellow brood defends each cerebrate with four of them.[15] Hunter Killers are also found on the map Bazaar, and are sold by Crazy Bob's Bazaar. They are slightly less resilient than their Swarm counterparts, but are otherwise just as deadly.[12]

StarCraft IIEdit

HydraliskHunterKiller SC2 Game1

Hydralisk (left) and Hunter Killer (right)

Hunter Killer
Hydralisk SC2 Head1


Base unit



Elite ranged creature


Needle spines

Sight range




Hit points


Hit point




  • Biological
Needle spines

20 (+2)

  • Ground
  • Air




Hunter Killers appear during the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign.[10][11] They are slightly larger than hydralisks and have improved statistics. Other than that, the two are indistinguishable.

In Co-op Missions, Zagara can summon Hunter Killers.[16]

Unlike in the original game, Hunter Killers do not receive a custom portrait.

Heroes of the StormEdit

Heroes DevLog2

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

Hydralisk Heroes Game1

Hunter Killers

Zagara can summon Hunter Killers in Heroes of the Storm.

Known Hunter KillersEdit


HunterKiller SC2-HotS Decal1

Hunter Killer decal

A Hunter Killer decal is available in StarCraft II upon reaching level 22 with zerg. The decal is the outline of a hydralisk head.[17]


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