"Hierarch, a hybrid dominator has appeared. It is on its way to aid Ma'lash."

- Rohana(src)

Hybrid dominators are enhanced versions of the hybrid destroyer.



The following section contains information from StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm that is ambiguously canonical.

Dominators were experimental hybrids. They were created years prior to the Second Great War, but Narud continued to experiment on them. They had mental indoctrination to keep them under control.[1]

War HistoryEdit

"Your crusade had failed. Your brethren and the master are one flesh."

- A dominator taunting Talandar and Karax.(src)

Eight dominators were created in a secret Terran Dominion lab at Skygeirr Station. They were commanded by Dr. Emil Narud, a servant of the fallen xel'naga Amon. When Sarah Kerrigan and the zerg swarm attacked Skygeirr and infiltrated the lab, the dominators were released from their stasis cells. They attacked Kerrigan psionically and attempted to drain her life, but Kerrigan and her forces fought and killed each one and destroyed the lab.[2]

Dominators reappeared alongside the Moebius Corps in their attack on Korhal during the End War. They channeled the energy of the Keystone to disrupt the Dominion forces.[3] They later appeared on Ulnar, where they guarded Amon's void crystals.[4] Later, they aided Ma'lash on Slayn in a duel with Alarak of Rak'Shir, channeling psionic energy to him. [5] They reappeared again alongside a hybrid behemoth to defend the psi-matrix on Aiur, in an effort to stop the Daelaam from delaying the Golden Armada's return.[6]

Game UnitEdit

Hybrid dominators are encountered in "Hand of Darkness." They are initially sealed in stasis cells and are released periodically throughout the mission, and are automatically released if the stasis cell is destroyed, starting a countdown timer until Sarah Kerrigan is instantly killed. The player must find and destroy the currently active dominator before this happens. Their armor, shield, and weapon upgrades automatically increase throughout the level, and they begin using their various abilities more liberally as well.

In Legacy of the Void, hybrid dominators first appear in the mission "Brothers in Arms" and reappear throughout the campaign, appearing more frequently on higher difficulty levels.

In Heart of the Swarm, their appearance is identical to that of hybrid destroyers. In Legacy of the Void, they receive their own unit model and portrait. Statistically, they are identical between the two games, though their abilities are limited to Plasma Blast and Psionic Storm.


This unit can detect cloaked and burrowed enemies.

GravitonBeam SC2 Icon1
Graviton Prison

Makes the target unit float in the air, disabling its abilities and deals 60 damage over time.
Only used in Heart of the Swarm.

Hotkey G
Duration 5Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 2Time SC2 Game1
PhotonOvercharge SC2 Icon1
Plasma Blast

Shoots a ball of bio-plasma toward a target, causing 260 damage.

Hotkey N/A
Cost 3Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 10Time SC2 Game1
CloakingField SC2 Icon1

Creates two identical clones of user with full life, shields, damage, and all abilities. Clones die when user dies.
Only used in Heart of the Swarm.

Hotkey N/A
Duration 0Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 0Time SC2 Game1
PsiStorm SC2 Icon1
Psionic storm

Creates a storm of psionic energy that lasts 4 seconds, causing up to 80 damage to all units in the target area.

Hotkey T
Duration 4Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 5Time SC2 Game1
GhostEmp SC2 Icon1
Psionic Shockwave

Knocks all enemy units away from user, dealing 20 damage and stunning them for a short time.
Used in Heart of the Swarm only.

Hotkey N/A
Duration 0Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 0Time SC2 Game1


Hybrid dominators originally possessed the ability to merge with one another. The original mission mechanics involved them creating a psionic vortex that would destroy Ketill if three merged together.[1]


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