Ilsa Killiany was the Director of the Terran Confederacy Ghost Program, a position she felt that she was born to. Killiany could "bend the universe to her will" in order to acquire powerful telepaths for the Confederacy. She had the rank to order generals around and could give "advice" to the Confederacy Council. As far as she was concerned, ghosts were the last line of defense for the Confederacy against aliens and rebels.

Ilsa Killiany was short and slender, had short brown hair, a hook nose and wore glasses in an age where routine eye surgery made them unnecessary. She had a bad temper and a very sharp tongue, however, and could make army veterans tremble in fear; she could even intimidate Major Esmerelda Ndoci (threatening her with demotion and horrendous punishment for talking back to her.) She kept an immaculately clean desk (which Kelerchian saw as a sign she was crazy) and liked classical music.


Killiany was always on the hunt for telepaths for recruitment into the Ghost Program, or for whatever else the Confederacy might need them for. To this end she employed wranglers, very weak psychics who could sense the presence of psychic energy.

One such agent, Malcolm Kelerchian, was a detective in the Tarsonis Police Force, who fell into trouble when he tried to investigate Emmett Tygore, a member of the Old Families, for a series of brutal murders; the family tried to take revenge on Kelerchian. She "rescued" Kelerchian after she discovered his psychic abilities by putting him into the Ghost Program. Kelerchian was not happy about this, but he had no choice, as failure to comply would result in him being killed by the Tygore family.

Searching for NovaEdit

One of Kelerchian's first cases was the Terra Family murder case, which resulted from a botched rebel attack on the family and a massive psychic outburst from the teenage girl November "Nova" Terra. Her outburst proved that she was a powerful telekinetic; Killiany wanted to recruit Nova for the Ghost Program immediately, despite the recent death of most of Nova's family. Telekinetics were rare; the Ghost Program currently housed a single telekinetic Agent X81505M, who could do nothing more than drool in his basement room. Killiany assigned Nova the code name X41822N before she was even acquired. Unfortunately, Nova Terra had "gone underground" and Kelerchian had to go find her.

Six months after the attack on the Terra family, Kelerchian still had not discovered the whereabouts of Nova Terra. Killiany was losing her patience, since her only telekinetic had died and many other ghosts had been killed fighting the zerg and Sons of Korhal. Her mental health seemed to be breaking down, causing her to screech and look poorly – Malcolm Kelerchian was breaking down the same way. As part of her last ditch effort, she ordered the psychopathic Major Esmerelda Ndoci to help her find Nova, even though Ndoci would have preferred to defend Tarsonis from the Sons of Korhal, who were just then mounting an attack on the world. Kelerchian was put in charge of Ndoci, not an easy task; fortunately Kelerchian discovered the location of Nova that same day (in the headquarters of the notorious Gutter crime boss Fagin).

Kelerchian entered the headquarters in order to retrieve Nova, but just as he did so the Sons of Korhal and the zerg descended to the surface. Killiany ordered General Ledbetter to pass orders to Ndoci: "Acquire Nova at all costs." Ndoci could not disobey the orders in order to go fight the Sons of Korhal, but instead ordered her troops to kill everyone in the vicinity except Nova, including Kelerchian. The rescue operation fell apart when a wave of zerg overran New Gettysberg and descended to Tarsonis, destroying the last of the Confederacy's power; the realm of the fallen order now under the Terran Dominion.


Ilsa Killiany's fate is unknown, though Kelerchian suspected she was arrested or killed herself. Her replacement, Kevin Bick, said that she could not put aside her rivalry with the former Sons of Korhal and make peace with the Dominion, and so she was "expendable". According to Kelerchian, Killiany believed in the Confederacy and wanted to protect it from its enemies. Director Bick, on the other hand, simply believes in his superiors.