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The following section contains information from StarCraft: Insurrection.

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Incubus Brood

Reconnaissance force




Cerebrate Auza


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Date Fragmented


Date Reorganized

2500 (as Carpenter's Brood)


Transformed into the Carpenter's Brood, which was later destroyed

  The Incubus Brood excelled at the arts of scouting and reconnaissance. Lacking the destructive capabilities of most of the larger zerg broods, the Incubus Brood was directed to the Fringe Worlds and other small terran settlements. The brood would usually implant itself behind enemy lines, striking at infrastructure until the enemy collapsed in on itself. Due to its specialized nature, the brood made extensive use of queens, infested terrans and defilers. Direct confrontation was mostly seen as a last resort.[1]


The brood launched an invasion of Brontes IV but was stymied by the efforts of the New Dresdin Outlaws[2] and an alliance between these terrans and protoss.[3]


The Incubus Brood's main harvesting operations in the Valley of the Shadow were attacked by Syndrea's forces, led by the powerful archon Aedus/Xerxes.[4] The brood, now starved for resources, attacked untainted terrans.[5] Its cerebrate, Auza, attempted to assimilate Carpenter, but it failed. Instead, Carpenter took control of the entire Incubus Brood, which was now referred to as Carpenter's Brood.[6]

Special StrainsEdit

The Siren is a powerful queen strain which was occasionally used by the Incubus Brood.[2]

The brood also used specific zergling and hydralisk strains, respectively known as Eats the Fallen and Temple Guardian.[2]

Notes Edit

The Incubus Brood is named after the incubus; a demon in male form supposed to lie upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have sexual intercourse with them, thus spawning new incubi.


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