InfernalFlamethrower SC2 Art1

A hellion-mounted infernal flamethrower

The heavy infernal flamethrower is a type of flamethrower used by the hellion[1] and hellbat.[2]


Hellion VersionEdit

Hellion SC2 Game1

The hellion using its flamethrower

The infernal flamethrower projects a burst of ignited plasma fuel, which is deadly against lightly armored targets. Two shielded tanks in the central area of the hellion hold the volatile mixture, and offer an adequate supply of fuel for skirmishes. However, the unreliability of the ignition system meant hellion drivers would only have to use a lighter, or even a cigarette, to ignite the weapon. This led to the development of a better fuel mix and the infernal pre-igniter, which won’t go out even in poor weather conditions.[3]

The weapon's effectiveness was further improved by ATVX, which developed a twin-linked version that can fire over a much wider area. The flame can also be laced with thermite, which increases its damage against lightly armored targets.[4] However, this version of the flamethrower remained ineffective in lose quarters.[2]

Hellbat VersionEdit

Hellbat SC2-HotS Art4

The hellbat using its flamethrower

The infernal flamethrower is also used by the hellbat. In its walker mode, a layer of heat shielding extends from beneath the vehicle's chasis to surround it to protect the driver.[5] However, it initially remained ineffective in close quarters, and adding a second flamethrower to the hellbat was impractical. To solve the issue, handy hellbat operators added a home-made, manually activated system (useful only in walker mode as it reduces effective weapon range) to pump polystyrene foam into the barrel of the infernal flamethrower prior to firing. The foam alters the density of the plasma fuel, which increases the flame’s intensity when ignited, making it very deadly against unarmored or lightly armored targets. This foam system is now standard issue in all Dominion hellbats.[2]


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