The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

InfestedMarine SC2 DevGame1

Development model

The infested terran, also known as the infested marine, could be quickly produced in large numbers (the exact speed varies due to balance issues)[1] from infested terran buildings. The infestor, a zerg ground unit, could infest these buildings, which then disgorged infested marines.[2] Upon infestation of structures, they were set to pop out automatically, with no build cost associated with them.[1]

The infested marine was replaced by the broodling as the product of the infestor's special abilities in May 2008.[3] However, they were again produced from infested terran buildings by the next month.[4] By BlizzCon 2008 they were being produced directly by infestors as an ability.[5]

Infested terrans were removed by the start of StarCraft II beta but were added to the game again in the first beta patch. They were transferred to the overseer (and their cost greatly increased) in beta patch 13. They were returned to the infestor in patch 16.

It was announced in August, 2017 that infested terrans will be removed from multiplayer in an upcoming patch.[6] As of BlizzCon 2017, they will remain in the game.[7]


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