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InfestedBarracks SC2 Game1

Infested terran barracks

Infested terran buildings are structures commandeered by the zerg. They serve as spawning grounds for infested terrans.

Such buildings are: bio-domes, huts and infested supply depots, barracks, bars, armories, missile turrets, bunkers, engineering bays, factories, command centers, refineries and starports.[1]

InfestedBase SC2 Game1

An infested base

Infested terran buildings do not regenerate, nor do they burn when brought to low health. They do not require creep. When destroyed, most produce a small number of broodlings.[1]


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

During the development of StarCraft II, infestors could temporarily take over terran structures to produce infested marines.[2]

The ability first surfaced in March 2008, spawning infested marines.[3] In builds from May 2008 it could spawn eight broodlings.[4] By the next month, the buildings were spawning infested marines again.[2]

By October 2008, the infestor had lost this ability.[5][6]


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