The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Infestor SC2 Art1

Early infestor model

The infestor used to be able to infest protoss structures, which would spawn infested protoss,[1] but that ability has been removed from the latest build of StarCraft II.[2] This model was later reworked into the swarm host.[3]

The infestor later lost its ability to infest terran structures as well.[4]

  • Dark Swarm[5]
    • This ability was removed by October 2008.[4]
    • This ability was automatically researched.[6]
    • Dark Swarm worked similarly to the defiler's version, creating a smokescreen for units to hide under, protecting them from ranged attacks.[7][8][9][10]
    • Dark Swarm protected units from a ghost's Snipe attack as well.[11]
    • A roach's attacks were unaffected by Dark Swarm.[12]

The infestor used to have these abilities as well.


Enables infestors to taint terran structures, disabling them for 20 seconds and spawning infested marines from them.[13]

Cost 150[13] Energy Terran SC1
Duration 20[13]Time SC2 Game1
Hotkey F[13]
Fungal Scourge[14]

This ability infests a single non-massive unit, causing it to take damage until it dies explosively (causing splash damage to nearby units).[4][15]

This ability has been removed as of April 2009.[16]

Range Above 0[17]

Disease does 100 damage to units in an area but does not actually kill units.[16]


The infestor has an ability similar to the defiler's Plague.[18]


Beta DevelopmentEdit

Siphon Life

The infestor targets a single unit or structure (even flying ones), draining it of 4 hit points per second and gaining half that back in energy. The ability is channeled and can be autocast.[19]

Hotkey E[19]
Cost None[19] Energy Terran SC1
SC2 InfestorPeristalsis Icon
Purchased from Infestation pit[21]
Cost 80Time SC2 Game1
Frenzy SC2 Icon1

The infestor targets a single biological unit which deals 25% more damage and is immune to snare, stuns, and mind control for 30 seconds.[19]

Cost 25[19] Energy Terran SC1
Duration 30[19]Time SC2 Game1

As Swarm HostEdit

EnduringLocusts SC2-HotS Icon
Enduring Locusts

Increases the lifespan of locusts by 10 seconds (to 25 seconds). This upgrade was removed from HotS in the April 2015 update, as the locust's base lifespan was increased to 25 seconds. [22]

This upgrade is not present in Legacy of the Void.[23]

Purchased from Infestation pit
Hotkey L
Cost 200 Minerals Terran SC1 200 Gas Terran SC1 120Time SC2 Game1

In April 2015, during the development of Legacy of the Void, the swarm host lost Enduring Locusts. This change applied to Heart of the Swarm as well.[24]

In the Heart of the Swarm campaign, the swarm host had two unused upgrades. One increased the movement speed of locusts by 50%, the other increased their attack speed by 20%.[25]

Legacy of the VoidEdit

It was once planned that the infestor would lose the ability to deploy infested terrans. Instead, it would gain an entangle ability.

  • New Ability: Entangle
    • Cost: 50 energy
    • Duration: 7.14 seconds
    • Range: 8
    • Brings a target enemy air unit to the ground, allowing units to attack it as if it were a ground unit.
    • Temporarily disables the target's attack and cloak.[26]


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