"They are crazy. Led by Atticus Carpenter they are, the craziest of the bunch. They think the Zerg are their salvation. They think with them that one day they will rule the world. Please take me with you; free me from this place."

- The Informant to The Shroud(src)

Informant #1 was a rebel working with the Fist of Redemption movement on Brontes IV in an old installation.

The Shroud, a unit of elite ghosts, entered the installation, seeking members of the Brontes IV Colonial Militia being held captive within. During their search, they encountered the Informant, who offered them information in return for his life and assistance in escaping. However, the Shroud read his mind and believed he was still a rebel, so they executed him.


The Informant's face is represented by that of the science vessel, but his "unit" is represented by that of the terran civilian.


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