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Principal of the Styrling Academy (?—2478)

Isaac Steegman was the principal of the Styrling Academy of Korhal. He possessed a short stature and made numerous attempts to hide it.


Steegman applied to join the Colonial Fleet but failed the entrance exam and the (easy) physical. Later becoming the principal of the Styrling Academy, he nonetheless claimed to have served in the Confederate Armed Forces. He further displayed a lack of honesty by defrauding millions of credits from the Academy to his own personal account.

Steegman was generally reviled by both his students and their parents, a notable example being Arcturus Mengsk, who subjected him to numerous pranks. Despite Steegman's loathing of the teenager, Steegman allowed him to remain at the academy because his father, Angus, was a generous contributor to the school. Arcturus' final year in 2478 was no exception, sending Steegman a comm virus that sent his personal files to the academy's students and their parents at his graduation, as well as revealed Steegman's money laundering. The now ex-principal was promptly arrested, much to the joy of his former students.

Steegman was quickly convicted and, not being a suitable candidate for neural resocialization, was sentenced to sixty years of imprisonment at the Bhar-el penal colony.


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