"It's not hard, boys. You bring in the product; I sell it. Until then, it's not to be tampered with."

- Ivan to his crew(src)

Ivan was a gang leader who operated in Deadman's Port. He wore a signature black suit, and valued loyalty, and wasn't slow to punish disloyalty with horrific punishment. Mostly, his persona was calm and collected.[1]


Ivan's crew was based in a "chop shop," a refurbished vespene refinery that was located at the edge of the port. He had his own private office. His crew operated via "focused piracy," hijacking lone transports that dealt in contraband goods. Usually they stole medical goods or foodstuffs, but every so often they came across some rare tech. At least in some of his crew, Ivan implanted transponders so he could call them at a moment's notice.[1]

In the BloodEdit

A few years after the zerg first appeared in the Koprulu sector, one of Ivan's raids turned up some zerg larvae. One of them offered a wager as to how quickly his P220 pistol could penetrate the creatures' carapace. Ivan set his shale dogs on him, but called them off after a few seconds. Besides, he pointed out, larvae were notoriously resilient and P-220 rounds would just ricochet back into whoever fired them. With that lesson learned, Ivan shot the merc himself. With that done, he ordered his crew to start setting up an exchange for the goods and pen the larvae in one of the empty dog cages.

The presence of zerg caught many of the mercs' attention, including the prospect that zerg would have a high price on the market. Serj, one of his port grubs, made the mistake of trying to take them for himself. He was caught, and Ivan fed him to his dogs. He then showed Vik (Serj's friend) his carcass. He made it clear that the next time Vik caught wind of any disloyalty, he should tell him.

The next day was payday. Only Ivan had rigged the crates with grenades, and in a matter of seconds, a third of Ivan's crew were cut down. Ivan's dogs were also released in the chaos, and tore into anyone that got in their way. Ivan escaped during the chaos and made his way to his transport. He drew a needle gun on Vik, his usual composure shattered. The two came to blows, but Vik brought one of the larva down again and again on Ivan's face, killing him.[1]


Ivan had shale dogs at his beck and call, appreciating their resilience after surviving the Destruction of Korhal. He also 'employed' the following individuals:[1]


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