Jave was a mercenary who worked under the employ of the criminal Ivan in Deadman's Port. He was loyal to Ivan, but showed no respect for port grubs like Vik and Serj.


Jace was hired by Ivan at Deadman's Port with a large crew of mercenaries. Ivan used them as a hit squad to attack other smugglers and pirates in the region Jace was part of the crew that attacked a smuggler carrying zerg larva, and brought it back to Ivan.

At the base, Jace and his mercenary comrade Hutchins looked over the cargo they had gotten. Hutchins began playing with the larva, much to the protests of Jace. Ivan came in and shot Hutchins with his own P220 pistol. Later, Jace went to harass Serj and Vik at the larva crates, taking pictures of the creatures and insisting that they were not so tough. Ivan ordered them to disperse, and Jace and his crew did.


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