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Jacob "Nik" Nikolai, a terran, was the mayor of Free Haven, the only colony of the planet of Bhekar Ro. Possessing spikey blond hair, he was not the most charismatic of individuals and got distracted easily, better known for talk than practical action. However, he was still a respected administrator for the most part.


Nikolai was appointed as mayor in 2498 after a devastating spore blight struck the colony, delivering an impassioned eulogy upon his appointment. However, over the next three years, nothing out of the ordinary happened, until the emergence of an alien artifact that had seemingly killed a colonist. Despite Bhekar's Ro self-imposed isolation from the Terran Confederacy, or the Terran Dominion as was the status quo back in the Koprulu Sector, Nikolai agreed to call for aid, talking to Arcturus Mengsk directly. He received the promise of military aid. However, an alien craft reached Bhekar Ro beforehand, downed by the colony's missile turret. As such, Nikolai called another meeting, announcing that they had to prepare for the unexpected, the possibility that hostile alien forces could reach their world before Mengsk's. As such, he and the rest of the colony began preperations.

They were sorely needed, considering the arrival of the zerg Kukulkan Brood. Warned of the arrival of the invaders by Octavia Bren, Nikolai set about radioing outlying homesteds, leading into the Battle of Bhekar Ro. Nikolai played a minor role in Free Haven's defense against the zerg; his leadership role was largely supplanted by Bren, in part because he was more interested in hiding than fighting. Aid eventually arrived in the form of Alpha Squadron, saving the colony. However, General Duke effected a military overthrow of the colony, turning it to a fortress to use as a base-of-operations. Despite Nikolai's protests, he was ignored.

Following the battle (and the defeat of Alpha Squadron) Nikolai retook his office, ordering Duke out.


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