James Goddard was an external consultant who worked on the development of StarCraft: Ghost.


Rob Pardo brought Goddard onto the development of Ghost, after Goddard mentioned his experience in fighting games. His participation grew into more of a production role over the course of the project. This caused some tension with Robert Huebner, who thought that Goddard was pushing the action aspect of Ghost too far, in what was obstensibly a stealth game. Goddard has since stated that he didn't want to change the game's genre, but rather that the game needed action elements in order to keep the player moving.

Goddard was present at the meeting between Blizzard Entertainment and Nihilistic Software staff members, where Nihilistic was taken off the project. He was impressed with Swingin' Ape's work on the game. He left Blizzard six months before they canceled Ghost. He has commented that it was the right call to make, claiming that "Ghost was in the wrong place at the wrong time," referring to how development had begun at the dawn of one console generation, but had gone on so long that a new set of consoles were on the horizon.[1]


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