Janice Howard was a terran who worked for the crime lord Ethan Stewart, serving as the chief surgeon of his medical staff.


In 2503, Howard found herself operating on her employer, treating him for gunshot wounds. The surgery itself was successful, but it was discovered too late that Stewart had been wearing a psi-screen, the amount of time he had done so likely damaging his brain. To make matters worse, the complex came under attack from an unknown source. Loyal to the tenets of the Hippocratic Oath however, Howard ordered her team to keep operating on Stewart, reasoning that an invading force would not harm them due to their status as medical staff.

This belief was under the assumption that the attackers were human however, an assumption proved wrong by the entrance of the zerg. Upon reaching the medical room, the creatures held back at first, but then made their way to retrieve Stewart, seemingly trying to extract him. Howard tried to intervene, but was torn apart by a zergling for her efforts.[1]


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