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Jarban Minor
JarbanMinor SC2NCOGame

At least 4


Rocky forests with terrazine fogs




Jarban glider
Kasai flyer
Kasai fly


UmojaProtectorate SC1 Logo1 Umojan Protectorate (formerly)
Zerg SC2 Icon Zerg Swarm


Zerg infested world

Jarban Minor is a largely unexplored world rich in terrazine. It has a rocky climate with large amounts of vegetation and terrazine fogs. The terrazine on the planet can be found in the native Jarban gliders, and can be extracted from them. Its cave systems are massive, allowing the Jarban Gliders to fly freely, and are host to unusual crystal formations.[1]


NightTerrors SC2Game

Umojan terrazine mining operations on Jarban Minor

Jarban Minor was the site of a colonization project by the Umojan Protectorate. They used extraction devices to extract terrazine from the native fauna. They set up a science facility and used eradicators to defend it. However, their plans went awry when the zerg attacked them, infesting a large portion of the team. Their mines were attacked by a blightbringer, who assimilated some Umojan technology.

During the Defenders of Man Insurgency, Agent Nova Terra of the Terran Dominion was guided by Highlord Alarak of the Tal'darim to Jarban Minor in order to find terrazine to undo her mind wipe. However, he also allowed First Ascendant Ji'nara and her warriors to challenge Nova, and she sought to stop her from extracting the terrazine. Nova fought through the zerg and Tal'darim to reach the extraction devices. Along the way, Nova encountered the surviving Umojan research team, who offered to help her if she would get them off the planet. Nova extracted the terrazine she needed before the devices were destroyed, the Dominion forces departed the planet.[1]

Known LocationsEdit


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