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BlizzardEnt Blizzard Entertainment (2001–2004)


Artist and producer

Jason Felix is a concept artist and animator. He worked at Nihilistic Software on StarCraft: Ghost from April 2001 — January 2004.

Once pre-production was finished, Felix worked on creating storyboards, animation, cinematic movie direction, and animations for the game.

A large gallery of StarCraft: Ghost concept was available at his website, but has since been removed. For a time some images could still be seen directly (as opposed to in the gallery), such as this brain spectre, but those were later removed too. He has since recently in 2011 restored those images at this location.

His clients include Electronic Arts and Wizards of the Coast, and has done work on Magic the Gathering cards and the Dead Space and Prince of Persia series.[1]

Jason Felix's StarCraft: Ghost concept artEdit

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