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Jem's Song

Jem's Song, also Jem's Tune, is a piece of terran music.[1] It is likely so named after Jem the salvager, the music playing before he was killed by a protoss warship.[2]

Jem's Tune is composed by Matt Samia and performed by Big Tuna.[3]


Jem's Tune is a song popularized on Mar Sara by the band Big Tuna. It was considered to be one of their main hits before they faded into obscurity. The song was banned by the Terran Dominion, and featured by Humbert H. on the album "Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty."[4]

Game EffectEdit

In StarCraft, the music plays in the background of the game's opening cinematic.[2]

In StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, the music can be played by the Hyperions jukebox.[1]


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