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2503,[1] Roxara's moon






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Zeta Squad

Marine corporal

Jenkins was a marine corporal in Zeta Squad. He had a bright smile and liked Hendrix's jokes, occasionally telling his own.[2]


Jenkins took part in Zeta Squad's mission to Binion's Point, Roxara's moon, in 2503.[1] Jenkins complained abou their poor equipment. During the mission, which Jenkins believed to be unusual, they did not discover any Kel-Morian Combine sabotage, but his teammate Hendrix was secretly replaced by a changeling.

Back at the command center, Jenkins played in a poker game with Brody and Wynne. They then caught "Hendrix" in the operations room, scanning for security codes. Jenkins tried to stop him, but the creature punched him in the face and stabbed Brody, eventually causing him to bleed to death. The SEC forces which should have hunted the creature were taking too long, so Sergeant Walden Briggs ordered Jenkins to alert them.

However, Jenkins encountered a number of scientists and neurally resocialized Dominion Marine Corps members instead. A scientist holding the rank of captain claimed Jenkins had refused the orders of a superior officer and so he was executed. Briggs, the only surviving member of the team, was enraged by this treachery and shot the scientist captain, which resulted in his own death at the hands of the resocialized marines.[2]


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