Jim Raynor is a marine hero unit that appears in "Piercing the Shroud."

Raynor is able to place breaching charges on doors, holding pens, and certain other destructible objects; after a short delay, the charge explodes, destroying whatever it was placed on and damaging units in a small radius. Throughout the lab, the player can find secondary weapons for Raynor that can be used from the command card. Each weapon has a limited number of charges and cannot be used when they run out. Pick ups to replenish weapon charges can be collected.

With his high HP and armor, Raynor should go in first against most enemies to draw fire from the player's more fragile marines. This is especially useful when fighting the brutalisk, which can kill marines in one attack. Using Raynor to get the brutalisk's attention is often necessary to get the "Not so Brutalisk" achievement, which requires the player to kill the brutalisk without it killing any of the player's forces.


D8charge SC2 Icon1
Deploy Breaching Charge

Jim Raynor plants an explosive device on a destructible doodad. After a brief delay, it explodes, doing minimal damage in an area of effect and destroying the doodad.

Hotkey D
Range Very short
Cooldown 15Time SC2 Game1
RaynorGrenade SC2 Icon1

Jim Raynor can only use this ability while carrying grenades (any ground unit can pick them up). Using the ability uses up a grenade. It deals 100 damage in a small area of effect, and doesn't damage friendly units.

PlasmaGun SC2 Icon1
Experimental Plasma Gun

Jim Raynor can only use this ability after picking up ammunition for the weapon. A shot deals 150 damage to its target.

ChronoRift SC2 Icon1
Chrono Rift Device

Jim Raynor can only use this ability after picking up ammunition. The device slows down an enemy unit and hampers its attack rate. Each use of the device reduces the available ammunition by 1 point.



Data in the map editor suggests that in an earlier version of the game, Raynor would have been able to switch weapons between a flamethrower, a plasma gun, a gatling gun, and the basic gauss rifle exist. In the final product this system was dropped ostensibly in favor of the weapon pick-ups being used as special abilities.[1]

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