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Bhekar Ro

Family and

Lyn and Wes (cousins)

Jon was one of the younger colonists of Bhekar Ro and the cousin of Lyn and Wes. Possessing something of a patriotic streak, he was among those called to Free Haven to discuss the emergence of an alien artifact. He suggested that the question of calling for outside aid be put to a vote, the result being in favour of such an action.

A few days later, he and the rest of the colony were called in again, courtesy of the downing of an alien craft by Free Haven's faulty, yet functional missile turret. Anticipating a threat that might have to be dealt with before the arrival of outside aid, Jon and the rest of the colonists prepared to defend their world. Good with machines, Jon offerred to help Octavia Bren tune up the missile turret. This was put to use in the Battle of Bhekar Ro, alien invaders attacking Free Haven before the arrival of Alpha Squadron. He survived the attack, albeit at the cost of a broken leg


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