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Kar Ottmar was the commanding officer of the Snakehead Kommando during the Guild Wars. It was based on the contested planet of Turaxis II.

During the war, he wrote a letter daily to his family. He avoided talk of war however, hoping they wouldn't have to face its horrors. For instance, he "adopted" a brown lizard he had found and wrote stories about it.[1]


In 2488 the Confederate Special Tactics and Missions Platoon attacked the base of Kar Ottmar's commanding officer, Overseer Hanz Brucker, and rescued hundreds of POWs. An outraged Assistant Overseer Danick contacted Ottmar and told him to stop the attackers as they fled to Confederate territory.

Ottmar told a subordinate, Taskmaster Kurst, a series of exaggerated lies intended to enrage him and the other soldiers. They then moved out in their light attack vehicles and armored sloths to confront the Confederates.

The Confederates were hiding under a huge mineral stripper as the Snakehead Kommando approached. The Confederates immediately fired back. One of the Confederates, armed with rocket launchers, destroyed Ottmar's vehicle.

Confederate soldier Jim Raynor found his brown lizard and his journal.[1]


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