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DaelaamRegalia SC2 Decal1 Daelaam

Nerazim SC2-LotV Logo1 Nerazim

Dark templar

Kehdana was a protoss dark templar. She had proficiency with the poleaxe.

Zernek was selected as a member of a Daelaam aexilium sent to the moon Saalok, to make preparations for the liberation of the planet Aiur by an executor in the aftermath of the deinfestation of the Queen of Blades. Her mission was to be escorted to one of the zerg hives in the area, where she would be set up a beacon. She and her squad were ambushed by zerg, which used tactics beyond that of the feral zerg they were expecting. The zealot Zeranek expressed surprise before losing hos footing to two zerglings. Kehdana slew the zerglings and the wounded zealot as an act of mercy.

Another dark templar, Kherenoss, was pinned by a hydralisk, and Kehdana attempted to save him, but noticed he had lost his legs. He died shortly after. Soon the aexilium was down to her and the zealot Teredal. Teredal attempted to draw zerg away from her, but three zerglings broke through her defenses, and she was killed by the overwhelming swarm.


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