Kehl was a hab addict who lived in "the Gutter," specifically the suburb of Kistios.

"Skinny as hell", Kehl had stringy brown hair, sunken eyes and "clothes that hadn't been washed since before Korhal was nuked."


Throughout her life, Kehl had been financially aware. Her parents "mortgaged their future to pay for their present" and ended up heavily in debt. This was how they died, miserable and starving. Not wanting to repeat their mistakes, Kehl never took loans or used credit, always paying up front for everything, including her hab addiction which was supplied by the crime lord Fagin's drug dealers.

Although this approach put Kehl in good standing with her sellers, it had the effect of steadily draining away her finances and possessions. Despite resorting to the occasional petty theft and although employed by Getreu, payment was irregular and money wasn't always available when it was needed. This came to a head in February, 2500, when Kehl had run out of both possessions to sell to her housemates (Pix, Mai and Cisseta), had an empty bank account and needed a hab fix. As such, she resorted to asking Fagin for credit.

Despite her solid payment record, Kehl still had to follow the rules of Fagin's new system. Anyone asking for credit had to be read by "The Blonde"—a telepath. Kehl did not believe the rumors about the Blonde. "The Blonde" read her mind and warned Kehl to leave—she knew that Kehl had nothing to pay Fagin and given her rate of hab consumption, never would. Ask Fagin for credit and all she'd receive was a bullet.

Kehl eventually got her fix, courtesy of Markus Ralian who also accepted her request for employment. This was never met however, as the zerg invaded Tarsonis before she could begin such work.


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