"Welcome to the Torus system, prisoners. You are here because nobody else in the entire galaxy wants anything to do with you. This is your final chance to make yourselves useful to the Dominion. There are only a few rules here, but they boil down to a simple concept: you will become a reaper, or you will die trying. Do what you must."

- Kejora addressing new recruits(src)

Kejora is the warden of the Icehouse and head of the Reaper Corps, a position he has held for at least two years. He devised the precepts of the installation.

Kejora enjoys seeing recruits' apprehension. He keeps himself active, watching his charges, arranging their rotations, and managing their nutrient batches on a daily basis. He has claimed to remember every inmate of the Icehouse. [1]


The Feltz IncidentEdit

Kejora looked over a batch of recruits. Gabriel Feltz caught his eye, but he was perturbed by the lack of data on him (e.g. a criminal record). He ordered that the data be retrieved before he addressed the recruits, 'welcoming' them to the Icehouse. Awhile later, he noticed that Feltz had hardened a bit, getting into a scuffle with one of the other inmates. Feltz was pummeled, and breaking the rules he had set for the Icehouse, called the fight off. He gave Feltz medical treatment and got him to explain his criminal background. Kejora was skeptical of his account, but decided to keep Feltz on anyway due to the recruit's intelligence.

Kejora added to his routine by reguarly inspecting training footage of Feltz. While possibly a valuable addition to the Corps, Feltz was potentially innocent (his account had claimed as such), and if an innocent man had been wrongfully conscripted, and that fact was leaked, it wouldn't be good. And as far as he could find out, no-one had actually given the order for Feltz to be conscripted. However, if Feltz was a successful test case, then it would be proof that the Reaper Corps could do better than the dregs of humanity that it was usually provided with.

Eventually, graduation day arrived. Feltz watched events unfurl from the Hub as the recruits battled predators and zerg-bots that had been unleashed within the facility. Feltz, however, made his way to Kejora, shooting the techs around him. He revealed himself as Gabriel Staton, brother of Dennis Staton, who had died during reaper training after being conscripted. Kejora drew his own weapon and a game of cat and mouse began, one that Staton had the advantage with due to his weapons and reaper armor.

Kejora was saved by another recruit, who killed Feltz. Observing Feltz's body (he remembered him as Feltz rather than Staton), he reflected that Feltz had proven that the Reaper Corps could work with better recruits.[1]


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