"I wish I could get off this planet and take Kendra somewhere nice. Man...that hot little body of hers, I'd like to-
Hey, that's my friend you're talking about."

Kendra Massa was a terran archaeologist.


Although passionate about archeology, Massa often lamented about the lack of attractive men on dig sites. The result was that she often tried to flirt with any remotely attractive male that came her way, even if her chances of getting anywhere were next to none. Her superior, Jake Ramsey, was not such an individual however, their relationship being akin to that of a brother and a sister.

Alongside thirty other archaeologists and "one originally perky and now sullen intern," Kendra spent two years on the inhospitable world of Gelgaris, such inhospitability amplified by the lack of working plumbing. It was therefore a great relief to her (now aged 24) when Ramsey took up an offer made by Valerian Mengsk to investigate a strange artifact on the airless world of Nemaka. With no storms, better equipment and plumbing that actually worked, it was a dream come true.

Unfortunately Massa' dream turned into a nightmare. The artifact made her and everyone else uneasy and while Ramsey was able to gain access to it, an unknown being rendered him unconscious. Aid was requested from the Dominion and while granted, it involved the archeologists being taken prisoner and placed in cells aboard the Gray Tiger. This led to their deaths when a crazed marine disabled the ship's life support systems.[1]


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