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This article is about the protoss who follow the Khala. You may be looking for:

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A Khalai high templar

"Khalai" is a term which refers to protoss which follow the Khala.[1]


Main article: Protoss history

The Khala brought the protoss out of the Aeon of Strife and in time led to the foundation of the Protoss Empire. While the Dark Templar refused to submit to the Khala and were banished from Aiur as a result,[2] the Khalai nevertheless remained united and at relative peace.[3]

After the Fall of Aiur, the Khalai, now refugees, fled the planet en masse to Shakuras, the adopted homeworld of the Dark Templar.[4] They cooperated with the Dark Templar against the zerg.[5]

Their arrival was not without conflict, however. A legion of Khalai followed Judicator Aldaris in a revolt against Raszagal – a revolt that was swiftly put down when Zeratul, Artanis and their unlikely "ally" Kerrigan returned.[6] In turn, the Khalai were the subject of much hate from the Fist of Ulrezaj – a dark templar extremist group seeking to remove the Khalai from Shakuras.[7]

In the aftermath of the Brood War, Hierarch Artanis struggled to keep the protoss a unified people. However, deep rooted tensions between the Khalai and Dark Templar drove a return to tribalism.[8]


Female Khalai rarely attain positions of power. They are rare among the Templar Caste and were never part of the Conclave.[9]

Khalai Religeous PrinciplesEdit


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