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Khaydarin Depths
KhaydarinDepths SC2 Map1



Cave (Ulaan)



Extra Features

Khaydarin Depths is an allied 4 player StarCraft II map, set in Ulaan.

This map was first showcased during BlizzCon 2009 even before the game launched.

It was removed from the ladder in season 4.[1]

Game MapEdit

This map features an easily defendable high-yield expansion in between a player and their ally. However, this expansion is blocked off by destructible rocks, meaning a player has to choose when to break this rock vs. when to attack or defend vs. the opposing team. Controlling the center of the map gains a player access to most of the center of the map, but there are still back-door routes around to the opponents’ bases by breaking one set of destructible rocks.[2]


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