Kiernan Warner was a colonist of Bhekar Ro and brother of Kirsten Warner.


Life progressed normally for Kiernan until a day in late 2500, one that involved a sonic boom at around noon, followed by being summoned to the township of Free Haven for a meeting at the behest of Octavia Bren. She explained that the sound had been caused by the emergence of an alien artifact, one that had not only killed her brother, but had sent some kind of signal into in space. As such, it seemed prudent to break Bhekar Ro's self-imposed isolation, a proposal that Kiernan agreed to.

A few days later, another meeting was called, courtesy of an alien craft being downed over Free Haven. Knowing that possibly hostile extraterrestrials could reach Bhekar Ro before outside aid, Kiernan and the rest of the colonists prepared to defend their world, Kiernan suggesting that the explosives used for levelling fields could make effective weapons. Their need would come earlier than anticipated, Octavia warning Free Haven late at night that alien invaders had landed and would soon be upon the township. Using granite-chopping implements as weapons, he fought side-by-side with his sister against the invaders.


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