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Kimeran Pirates

High-tech Mercenaries




Captain Buzan


Unknown dark planet


Destroyed by Infested Stukov's mercenaries

"Cloaked in starlight's absence,
We follow paths unseen,
Never to be watched or heard,
Our senses are too keen."

- Motto of the Kimeran Pirates.(src)

The Kimeran Pirates were an infamous[1] pirate militia that had been known to raid terran installations for important secrets, for sale to the highest bidder.

The Kimerans had access to very advanced technology, including enhancements to their battlecruiser, the Kimera. It had onboard teleporters and was almost impossible to track. Velichek, an inventor, had also significantly upgraded the traditional ghost technology. They stole technology such as low-energy lockdown rounds[2] and were willing to buy technology stolen from other criminals.[3]



Main article: Deception

One of their most recent missions involved a raid on a Confederacy remnant science facility by three Shadow Pirates. Buzan said the information collected on this raid would gather his agents valuable shore leave, and also told them that killing wouldn't bring them profit.

During the mission, the pirates found the installation to be heavily guarded, and wondered if someone knew they were coming. However, Buzan said it was impossible, as "no one can track the Kimera". During the raid they encountered Morik, an infested terran subject to experimentation, as well as Infested Stukov, who should have been dead at that point. The facility was mysteriously destroyed (from the inside), and as the Kimeran Pirates fled with the information, they were followed by cloaked Wraiths.[2]

The Pirates probably sold the information for a tidy profit.[4]


Main article: Mercenaries II

Stukov tracked the Kimerans to a dark world, where they had taken shelter along with some of Stukov's other enemies.

Stukov hired mercenaries to attack them. Despite using the power of the Kimeran Juggernaut in defense and banding with other enemies of Stukov, the Kimeran Pirates were destroyed by Stukov's mercenaries.[5]


Even after their destruction, the pirates continue to be remembered as an infamous group.[1]

Known MembersEdit

In addition, they had a large pool of mercenaries to draw upon.[5]


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