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"There's a reason they call this the Kick-You-Good Belt. It's because if anyone is either insane or simply stupid enough to venture too much farther than where we're sitting now, they're going to get pulverized."

The Kirkegaard Belt, often referred to as the "Kick-You-Good" Belt, is a dense, hard-to-navigate asteroid field.

One of its asteroids houses the secret Space Station Prometheus, a Moebius Foundation research laboratory. The lab, designed by Moebius Foundation head Emil Narud and Terran Dominion Heir Apparent Valerian Mengsk, was itself hidden within an asteroid. The hidden safe path to the station's asteroid was large enough for a Gorgon-class battlecruiser though it required slow and skillful navigation.

In 2504, Valerian Mengsk, Narud, Raynor's Raiders and Sarah Kerrigan arrived there, ostensibly to test the incomplete deinfestation effect a xel'naga device had on Kerrigan. However, it was a trap. Narud intended to turn over Kerrigan to Arcturus Mengsk, who was pursuing them. The Dominion Armada arrived, and rather than slowly navigate to the asteroid, simply destroyed large parts of the belt. However, the rebels were still able to escape.[1]


Kirkegård is Danish and Norwegian Bokmål for "cemetery" (lit. churchyard).


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