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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

Kobold Tribes is an Arcade-spotlighted custom game for StarCraft II. It was created by "Qancakes."


The game is a survival RPG in which two teams of up to five players each command a kobold unit and work together to defeat the enemy tribe. At the start of each game, the kobold players find themselves in a forested landscape that must be overcome before the enemy team can be dealt with. Kobolds can cut down trees, hunt wild animals, gather berries, and engage in quests, pooling their resources to build structures, cook food, and arm themselves for the inevitable battle. As time passes, day leads to night, at which point the tribe must stick together near a campfire or freeze.

A tutorial for the game is available.[1]


Originally the game was a free for all and set on a mountain. It was raining, and the water was rising. Everyone had to make it to the top of the mountain to survive the ensuing flood. Players had to camp at night and move far enough up the mountain during the day to stay ahead of the rising water. Players got a score depending on how fast they managed to ascend the mountain, and for how much gold they managed to dig up on their way. As this limited player exploration, the mountain was replaced with a forest.[1]


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