"Look at that. If there's a more visible symbol of the moral decay and corruption at the heart of the Confederacy, I don't know what it is."

- Angus Mengsk in one of his many rants against the forum.(src)

The Korhal Assembly, based in Styrling, Korhal, was supposed to be the new seat of the Korhal Senate, replacing the old but functional Palatine Forum.

The building began construction in 2472, with a budget of 63 million credits. According to Angus Mengsk it became just another example of Confederate government corruption. By 2478 it was behind schedule, and the budget had ballooned to 500 million credits, with much of the money either lining the pockets of corrupt city officials or on ameneties such as a Chau Saran sunwood desk. Surrounded by towering cranes, earthmoving machines and prefabricated dwellings for workers that were nowhere to be seen, it stood as a half-finished building of concrete, exposed steel and "looked as though it had been spawned in the worst nightmares of a demented architect."

By 2480 it had been demolished by a Tygore Family-owned company, and replaced by an "overpriced" housing development (which was also built by a Tygore company).


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