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Korhal Senate

Governing body of Korhal IV




Lennox Craven (formerly)

De Facto Leader

Confederate Senate (formerly)


TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy (formerly)
Rebellion of Korhal


Palatine Forum, Korhal IV

Date Dissolved


  The Korhal Senate was the governing body of Korhal. It met in the Palatine Forum. and its senators frequently wore red togas.


By 2478, anti-Confederate sentiment had grown to the point where Senator Angus Mengsk spearheaded a movement dedicated to achieve Korhal's independence. He mostly kept his involvement a secret, but in the body's end of session event in 2479, the senate reaffirmed its support for Mengsk in his anti-Confederate speech.[1]

In 2489, after years of hostilities,[1] the senate declared outright war on the Confederacy which would not be withdrawn unless their demands for greater autonomy were satisfied.[2] The Confederacy refused to back down however and eventually resorted to destroy Korhal via nuclear bombardment.[3][1][4]

Known MembersEdit


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